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Coaching as a Management Tool

Coaches who wish to be considered for inclusion should fill out the
ReformWorks' International Coaches Profile form

“Coaching is gaining increasing prominence in modern organisations as a key management intervention in enhancing the skills set of employees as well as encouraging their personal growth which could result in improved job performance.” – A. Ganesh et al., “The Benefits of Mentoring and Coaching in the Public Sector”, (2015)

Coaching is a process rooted in a reflective, ongoing dialogue with a coach that helps individuals harness their personal strengths and achieve professional and personal goals. Whether initiated by an individual or an organization, coaching is a thought-provoking and creative process that unlocks the potential within, aiming to maximize individual and workforce performance. 


A skilled coach is not just a guide but an accountability partner in your journey towards individual growth or workforce development. They are trained to boost competence, commitment and confidence by understanding the specific context of your challenges, particularly in complex international settings. 

Our website features coaches who understand the  unique challenges of international organizations related to leadership, performance and career development because they have worked in that context themselves. This is where you or your organization can find the ideal coaching partner to enhance performance and achieve outstanding results. 

By clicking on the Learn More link you will see a one page downloadable and printable profile with their contact information to allow you to explore further. 


Simone Anzboeck

"ICF-Certified Professional Coach, supporting individuals in designing a career they love "

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Jenny Pilling

"ICF-Certified Professional Coach, career strategist, career catalyst and CV whisperer"

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Ruth Sembjawe

"Creating a transformative partnership with my clients to achieve their goals and foster awareness, learning and growth."

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Jose Veliz

"Helping managers strengthen accountability in a supportive environment."

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