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Creating transformative partnerships to achieve goals and foster growth

 Ruth Sembjawe

profile picture of coach Ruth Sembjawe




Location: Nairobi, Kenya

Languages: English


Coaching Certifications

Professional Certified Coach (PCC) from the ICF

Type of Coaching Provided: 

Career Coaching, Leadership/Executive Coaching, Performance Coaching, Team Coaching

Format of Coaching: In-person, Blended, Remote

Client types: Individuals, Organizations

Organizations Provided Coaching to: 


Mission Statement:

Coaching is a transformative partnership where the coach and client collaborate in a confidential space, walking in sync towards the client’s goals to foster awareness, learning, and growth.

Career Experience:

Before becoming a coach, I spent my career fostering positive impacts on individuals, teams, and organizations across a diverse range of settings. My experience includes roles such as staff counselor, chief of staff and benefits, chief learning and organization development, and deputy ombudsman within international organizations like the United Nations. This background has equipped me with unique insights into multicultural environments and a passion for promoting learning and organizational development to meet evolving challenges.


Coaching Expertise:

I specialize in coaching clients to enhance their decision-making and strategic planning skills, lead effectively during change and crises, and motivate teams while managing stress and conflict. I also support improved work-life balance, successful role transitions, and boosting confidence and self-belief. My approach involves a co-creative partnership that deeply values mutual growth and the greater good, characterized by warmth, inclusivity, and a commitment to stretching and challenging clients' perspectives and practices.

Experience delivering coaching to senior managers and leaders?: Yes

Please indicate if you can provide potential clients with additional information or services: Free Introductory Session, Client Testimonials, Organizational References

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