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Young Talent & International Organizations

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In collaboration with our Geneva-based partner Talentum Consulting, ReformWorks is undertaking an independent research study on the career expectations of young international talent. 

The expectations of GenZ and Millennials are changing, as are labor markets and jobs. Through a survey of young people and curation of the latest research on dual career families, cultural and gender factors impacting international careers, our study will provide unique insights on the development of truly diverse workforces in international organizations.

The study will be completed in November 2024 to be accessible for diplomats and HR practitioners engaged in the General Assembly's debate on rejuvenating the UN workforce scheduled for March 2025. This debate will directly affect young people aspiring to UN careers because it is the General Assembly that sets HR policies, including the question of whether UN internships are paid. So if you have views on these issues, please click on the button and take our survey. 

Understanding why young talent in the UN is important infographic

If you're a Millennial or GenZ with international career aspirations, share your views!

Your inputs will help determine policies on (paid & unpaid) internships, entry level recruitment programmes, and university career support. 

Our survey is modeled after the Deloitte Millennial and GenZ survey but has specific questions on your expectations about international mobility, managing family obligations when living abroad and why you want to work internationally. It is anonymous and only takes 15 minutes to complete. 

The survey is open until 30 June 2024.

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